Tiësto featuring BT - Love Comes Again

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Tiësto - Love Comes Again

  1. Almost tought I saw a female version of AVICII in the thumbnail
  2. 2:37 gotta love cheesy music vids :)
  3. I've always disliked this song for the weird robot-ish guy vocals. Listened to the lyrics today tho. Love it. RIP old tiesto. The best <3
  4. #glitterparty 
  5. Love comes again ...
  6. <3 this song :-) 
  7. So many memories when listening to this song, good old tiesto 
  8. ;)
  9. it's so can come again 
  10. Love can come again <3 
  11. u gotta beleave ..... :P 
  12. Good old Tiësto, I hate his new tracks, they are so much like David Guetta
  13. I am not sure how to rate this one it's an interesting song though
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  15. ♥
  16. #LYRICS you don't forget and #MUSIC that moves #emotions I adore the lyrics..! #positive #message .
  17. Tiesto the god
  18. Clasico
  19. name of the girl 0:22 plz?
  20. lov comes again :-)
  21. BEST
  22. This was a song i heard when i was about 11-12,it was the first time i heard something like this,i remembered it vividly for about 6 years!Awesome song
  23. E ME 4YOU <3
  24. we all have to can come again if ya try??????
  25. Δώστε ένταση...... Tiësto featuring BT - Love Comes Again